Sunday, July 29, 2012

General Shop Info

Welcome to Violet Moon Creations. Specializing in Custom Pagan, Mystical & Halloween Items. I create a little bit of everything here.. From cute little witches to rotting corpses.. voodoo dolls to candy apples .. Because frankly, a girl needs options!

~Please feel free to browse inside the shop as well as outside to view the items for sale. If you find something you like, just click to buy, no unpacking is required. Everything is ready for you to rez and use! 

~Halloween items are located outside, just look for the graveyard! . 

~For those of you with a sweet tooth, there is a Halloween Confectionary as well.

Grid Wide Hunts & 60L Weekend Sales: All Hunt & Sales information will be posted via the Violet Moon Creations Group as well as the Subscribe O Matic.

**Special Note: Current Hunts are "always" posted at the landing point. Upcoming Hunts are posted on the wall, in the shop.  

~Custom Items: Please send me a note card describing the item you would like to have created. I will get back to you in 24 hours or less to discuss this with you.

~All my items are no mod/no copy/trans

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~Fun Little Extras:

Lounge Area: A cozy Elven style lounge area  where you can sit and chat with friends.  

Classes & Gatherings: From time to time, we will have guest speakers, teachers and circles where we can come together as a community and discuss various topics. Classes to be held in the Lounge Area.

Group Gifts: I will offer a group gift each month, so make sure you click the group joiner easel Or the Subscribe O Matic. You can find these just inside the shop on the main floor.

Lucky Chairs & Lucky Board:  Located on the second floor. Check these weekly!

Themed Gatcha Machine: Custom Collector Packs (4 to a set) One release per week throughout the month. Make sure to stop by weekly to get your latest addition!

7 Seas Fishing Area: Feel free to lounge about and do some fishing while you're here! Fishing area is located at the Gazebo ( in the center of the parcel).

Autumn Mini Maze: Because it's fun to be a kid ..nuff said!

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~If you have ANY questions, you can leave me a message using the Candlestick Phone on the table on the main floor of the shop. Whether offline or on, I will receive your message and get back to you asap. 

Violet Moon Creations Blog Info

Hello and welcome! Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the pages here. It's all fairly straight forward and standard stuff but important stuff, nonetheless! 

My time in world can get somewhat hectic so I figured, the best way to get my shop info out there would be by creating a blog. Now you can glean the information you need, without waiting for my slow ass to reply to your IM. Ta da, everybody wins!

Gothic Savira
Creator and Owner of )0( Violet Moon Creations )0(